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On The Path Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy For Adults In Florida And Internationally


Michelle Vaughn, LCSW

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida. I earned my Master's degree from Columbia University in New York, and my Bachelor of Psychology from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. Reaching out for help takes courage and self- awareness, so if you're here I hope you give yourself credit for taking this important step to heal and transform, or simply to feel better. The idea of sharing your most private, painful, or even scary feelings with someone you don't know could be intimidating initially, especially if this is your first time in counseling----but I assure you----you're not alone.


As a therapist with over 20 years experience with clients in Florida and internationally, I can tell you that each of us has a gift and I can see the beauty in a person early on, no matter what the concerns are. Most of the time we just want to know that we're not alone. You are a gift, you are not alone, and you deserve to feel better.


My particular areas of expertise are anxiety, depression, trauma and heartbreak. I work with people in "middle marriage" crisis. I help men and women modify addictive or self- destructive behaviors such as binge-eating, over- drinking, resisting the urge to text, call, or social media "stalk" someone they know isn't good for them. I specialize in the unique stressors of the ex-patriot life both psychotherapeutically and personally, having lived and worked abroad myself for many years.


My approach is rooted in the Strengths Perspective , Cognitive Behavioral, and Goal Oriented therapy. I am fascinated by Energy Psychology and I believe a shift to a thought or story that feels better, will change a person's energy enough to allow good things to flow to and from the individual. The key is to find the better feeling thought so that this can happen with ease.Some clients come to me for help utilizing and understanding the role Law of Attraction can have in their lives for making their hopes and dreams manifest. Whatever your wish is for entering therapy, you deserve a life that you love and a life that loves you back. I believe I can help you feel better and achieve your heart's desires.

You Deserve A Life That You Love And A Life that Loves You Back

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On The Path Psychotherapy, Michelle Vaughn
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